LinkedIn to Hubspot Connector

Seamlessly integrate your LinkedIn Contacts, Companies and Messages to Hubspot CRM


About The Connector

The average sales prospector spends up to 3 hours a day trying to keep social profiles integrated with the CRM. Using the connector you can drastically cut that time.
Through our value added services, you can sync all the contacts in one go.

  • Sync Contacts
  • Sync Company information
  • Sync InMail messages
  • Assign to a Hubspot Owner
  • Add notes when syncing
  • Guess Emails automatically
  • Customize what fields to pick
  • Calcuate the Approximate age
  • Calculate the Country of Origin
  • Highlight keywords of interest
  • Grade Profiles
  • Works with Sales Navigator
  • Works with Sales Recuiter
Sync Contacts
Sync contact information (including email) with a single click
Sync Company information
Sync Company info Seperately or as part of the contact sync
Sync LinkedIn Messages
Track messages sent via InMail messages in Hubspot Notifications

Members Success Stories

Life is either a great adventure or nothing

John Cockerill
"Very useful and worthwhile. Linkedin is wonderful but more and more operates as a closed garden. If someone is connected to me I want to communicate with them without Linkedin interfering. Linkedin only exports name and email. This solves everything, or has so far as I can tell. Wonderful. Thank you for this."
David Clubb
"We are a not-for-profit company which works to support the renewable energy sector... You're helping us make a difference here - which will eventually make a difference everywhere."